What is Luke Capital Group?

Ryan Luke specializes in building asset wealth through high cash flowing strategies such as serviced accommodation. Ryan features on multiple high-level property podcasts and is acknowledged to be the industries next big star. Ryan successfully controls over £35m in property, and his cash flow exceeds £200,000 per month. 

His is an incredible success story, significantly as his achievements have transpired in such a short space of time. He has since developed an even more comprehensive property management company that assists property owners to run their property business – Luke Capital Group.

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Brand Story

Luke Capital Group was founded in 2018 by Ryan Luke and has surpassed all expectations in the field of short-term rental hosting. This rental style is known as Airbnb investing/ property management.

Luke Capital Group has developed and grown. Their services are now being used in Ireland, Portugal, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. Ryan Luke plans to expand this list of countries as the company expands and grows further.  

Products and services are provided to several different types of clients, including investors, landlords, guests and tenants.

With another travel industry boom on the horizon, Luke Capital Group is gearing up for even more short-term rental successes in the industry for both themselves and their clients.

The Luke Capital Group divisions include:

  • Luke Homes – The management of over 300+ properties, with even more in the development stage.
  • Luke Stays – Providing a hosting/guest service for the properties Luke Capital Group Manages.
  • Luke Stays Franchise – Developed to help investors on their property journey with professional support and infrastructure. 
  • Luke Styles – A packaged solution for furnishing rental properties.
  • Luke Homes Let’s – A hassle-free property management service for landlords. 
  • Luke Investments – Providing safer property investments for investors.

These diverse property solutions form the backbone of Luke Capital Group. They are a consortium of independently functioning businesses that collaborate to provide the ultimate property management and investing solution. 

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The following brands are all a part of the companies that are operational within the Luke Capital Group umbrella.

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