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Adopting A Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset?

Whenever you think about successful, intelligent, or skilled individuals, how do you think they achieved it? Did they earn those qualities? Or did they just get lucky?

Well, in life, there is no such thing got lucky. We create our own luck. How do we do that? It is by having a growth mindset and performing in our life with this mindset, and one day, we will look lucky in front of people.

Is it true that skills, intelligence, and success are entirely genetic, and some people are just naturally gifted in certain areas whilst others are not? Or is success, skill, and intelligence the result of hard work, perseverance, and persistent learning from failure?

Well, these viewpoints can be looked at differently, and how you look at them will reflect your mindset. So if you see successful people are just lucky and they were gifted, then you have a fixed mindset that will never lead you anywhere. If you see successful people come from the results of their hard work and consistent learning, then you may have a growth mindset, but you may also don’t know how to use it to drive success and luck to your side.

Either way, welcome to the club. In this post, I will let you know how to have a growth mindset by sharing my story; and illustrating the tips and secrets of having a growth mindset and driving success to your life.

Growth Mindset: Definition

According to growth mindsets, intelligence and skill are things that people can develop. They recognize that success comes from employing these traits continuously, even though people have inherent qualities and traits.
You can achieve anything you want in your life by believing in that. Once you have this mindset, you can achieve anything you want.
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And that’s what happened to me. I adopted the growth mindset and started to achieve success, started my business, Luke Capital Group, and scaled it up to £40M using the tips I will share with you. 

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I had a 9-5, and I was living paycheck to paycheck. I couldn’t do anything extra in my life. I had to pay my bills and rent and then wait for the next month to receive my paycheck and so on. It was horrible as it was not just moneywise, but it was my time I was losing in the first place.

I let the time pass and overcome me by not doing anything to myself. I was always busy with my stupid job and doing what I was told. Then, I started wondering and asked myself: Till when I will keep living like that? Will I spend my life not having enough time and money for my family and me?

I kept on thinking of that until I discovered what having a growth mindset means, which changed everything for me, as well as it will do to you.

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Emrace Your Challenges
Sit back and think about what your challenges are. Think about the things that are not allowing you to be successful. They could be anything as they depend on each one’s situation and the environment you’re living in. But most importantly, you MUST know your challenges and face them.

What I did was I identified my challenges and understood what was stopping me from being successful. I started to ask myself how can I face my challenges and overcome them to achieve success. This is how it started with me. I saw my challenges as opportunities to achieve success from them.

Life will inevitably present you with something challenging at some point. Instead of viewing these challenges as obstacles you dread, try to view them more positively. Look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.

persevering despite failure

Always remember that failure happens once, but success remains forever. If you failed once or twice or even a hundred times, that does not mean that you are unsuccessful, but it indicates how strong you are.

In my life, I have failed many times. I tried many ways to make money and be successful, and I fell in almost everything. Until one day, I made my success and learned how to always be successful by having the right mindset to look at success.

The main thing here is looking to our failures as opportunities to learn from. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of not even trying and regret it later. I was always looking at my failures to learn from them. The point isn’t to dwell or beat yourself up but to recognize and lock in the learning. 

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Believe that you can develop skills
As I discussed earlier in this post, people with a growth mindset believe that they can develop skills by learning and committing to learning. One quote is out there: “Learn To Earn”. This simple quote explains it all. If you don’t want to learn new skills and things in this life, you deserve to stay where you are, as this will keep you limited.

In my early days, I was limited. I didn’t know that I needed to learn new skills and commit to learning. I was always jumping between jobs and changing. I never thought that I should learn from my failures and use them to improve myself. But then all came together after I knew how to develop my growth mindset. I knew that I should grow.

I started to take courses and learn about PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS. I learned everything that I should learn to be a property expert. I had to have it all in order to be successful in the property business. I am not referring to flip houses and being an agent like any advert you see on social media. I learned and mastered SHORT TERM RENTALS and SERVICED ACCOMMODATION.

I learned how to use other people’s properties to make money without owning a property to make money from it. If you want to learn how to do this, I created courses for everyone to use the same methods and practices I did to start a property business.

Introducing to you, the only courses you will ever need to start your business. No experience is necessary to enrol in these courses; have the growth mindset to learn and start learning all secrets and tips on starting your property business.

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With the above courses, I guarantee you a success in your property business along your journey. Even if you have NO experience whatsoever.

Be inspired and motivated by the success of others
Most people look at successful people as lucky and gifted, or they will criticise them or say bad things towards them. People with fixed mindsets will always hate successful people and not be interested in them.
On the other hand, people with growth mindsets will be inspired and motivated by successful people. They will start figuring out ways and thinking about how to be successful from them. They get influenced.
I always think that nobody can achieve success, but anyone can, including me. When I used to see a successful person, I used to be motivated and wanted to achieve success just like them. I did the same. I started to learn and understand how businesses work and started my own business.
You can also do that, and don’t think you can’t, or it is too late. It is never too late. All you need is to focus and believe in yourself

To develop a great mindset and use your time to build success, I have also created successful programs, that will completely change your mindset into a growth mindset. With these programs you can always think and use your time for successful outcomes.

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I created these programs to let everyone know how to have the perfect growth mindset that will drive success.


This is the most critical point in this post. Without patience, you can never achieve success. Remember that building a beautiful high skyscraper can take years to be designed and constructed, but demolishing it might take weeks or even days.

The point here is; in order to achieve success you should understand that it will take time to start appearing. For you to start feeling it can take years. Put in your mind that you want to succeed, and live it that way, until one day, you will see it clearly in front of you.

Usually, most people want to get rich fast and always believe in getting-rich-schemes which are all frauds and spams. Why do people always believe in such schemes or always look for them? Because people are impatient, and they want to be successful in a matter of days. Well, sorry to say, it will never work that way.

You should always understand that achieving success won’t be so fast and won’t be easy either. Success path is a hard path and full of challenges and obstacles. So if you don’t have a growth mindset, success will never approach you.

When you’re patient and working on yourself, believing that everything will pay off one day, that is the growth mindset, and success will definitely meet you.


Which one are you after reading this post? Are you with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Well, whatever you are, you can consistently achieve success.

Contact me and learn more about developing a growth mindset and achieving success. You can book a discovery call and chat based on your timings.

I would love to help and assist you in achieving your success.

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