ALWAYS Put Yourself In The Mix

ryan luke

When I have a target I will do everything I can to achieve it. 

People call me mad…

They say I am a dreamer quite often…

But they are just HATERS!!

No one gets in the way of my dreams and certainly not someone who is scared to chase their own so try to drag you down with them.

I had a target of early 2021 that I would start a short term rental business in Portugal. On the back of a 5 day trip to the Algarve, 3 very productive meetings… I now have a business in Portugal!!

Ok, I know opening a business isn’t that hard, however it’s more than most do with their ideas and dreams… GET STARTED.

One of my favourite quotes by Zig Ziglar relates exactly to this “you don’t have to be great to get started, but to be great you have to get started” 

Since hearing this I fell in love with it and I use it more and more to launch my ideas no matter how mad even I think they are. 

Because you know what…

99% of them turn out to be good ideas and by doing this over the past 3 years I have changed my life forever. I have changed many lives around me, something I could have only dreamt of. Oh, that’s right I go after my dreams so maybe that wasn’t an accident 😉

I have worked hard on building my businesses for scale and the work put in doing this now gives me the ability to scale all over the world which is my intention. 

Luke Stays (a division of the Luke Capital Group) short term rental business model is going global using the systems and processes that continue to grow the portfolio, manage the portfolio and deliver a 5-star service to our guests and our exclusive premium landlords. More on that can be found at 

In August 2021 after finally being able to fly without paying ridiculous amounts for PCR and god knows what other tests I landed in the Algarve and decided to do what I do best and what built my business at the start

… get out and about and start talking to people. 

So I started visiting real estate agents in the Algarve and before I knew it I had struck up a relationship with an experienced operator in the Quinta do Lago area of the Algarve. 

Fast forward another few months and that first agency I walked into was the one that would unlock the start of my “dream” in Portugal as a short term rental operator. 

Reflecting on what I have achieved during my trip to the Algarve

Portugal was tied in with the idea of launching a premium luxury brand and moving into the high net worth accommodation sector. Adding another string to our bow at the Luke Capital Group. 

The goal for this area will be taking on villas worth in excess of £1m and offering a luxury service, Luxury by Luke Stays, including chefs in stay, cleans everyday, restaurants booked and much more. 

As we move more towards Albufeira and Vilamoura the model will shift back towards the Luke Stays accommodation model for tourists and professionals looking for longer term accommodation. 

In summary this was a successful trip and the start of what will be another great business for me as I put my Luke Stays spin on it, put the right staff in place, sprinkle it with technology to run on automation and secure the property mix on mass to make it profitable. 

Never stop chasing your dreams, visit Life Design, to make your dreams come true.


P.S If you are interested in a Luke Stays franchise in your location head over to and download our franchise brochure.