Money – The Mind Trick

Money and business are so related and connected.

What is money, and why it is a mind trick? Because everyone thinks that you need money to make money or start a business to make money.

But you don’t need the money as you need the will to start making this money. If you don’t have it in your mind and heart and are not willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, you will not do it no matter how easy it is.

Even if you have the money but you don’t have the right tools, you will not make the money you wish to make.

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Property Business And Money Making – Life And Business Coach

A property business can be anything from owning only one or two properties that support a pension plan or a large-scale cash-flow business boasting a rich portfolio of multiple properties.

But, what if you need money to start? Don’t worry; you can still embark on creating a successful property business. In fact, in some cases, you don’t even have to buy the property yourself. Instead, you can act as a property source or join a partnership venture—either way, to get to reap the benefits of an investment.

If you want to start your property business, and you don’t know where to start, I made a course for everyone who wants to start their property business.

Money And Business Course

How To Start A Property Business?

The “21 Day SA Starter Kit”, is a course that will make you start from no experience, introducing you to all the insights of the industry, and all the tools that you need to build your empire.

Serviced Accommodation Course

Visit My Company’s Website, Luke Capital Group, and see how I built my property business with the skills that I am putting in my courses for anyone to be successful in life.

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Business – What You Need To Make Money

Wealthy people are wealthy because they have businesses. Nevertheless, Money and Wealth don’t come only from having businesses. Wealth mostly comes from acquiring assets. 

If you are a person that acquires assets, you will know. But what is the best asset to acquire? Plenty of answers, I know.

Property is one of the best assets to acquire in the upcoming years. Besides all the virtual assets and ways to make money online, the property will always be on the top lists of assets to acquire as it is a need in everyone’s life.

People will always need shelter and will always need a place to live. Moreover, people travelling for business trips or tourists will also require property as a short term rental to live while they spend their trip. 

Check out this blog, What to Consider When Booking A Rental Property, to know more about rental properties. 

Money And Business – Business Coaching Services

With years of combined knowledge, experience, and hard-won success, I’ve created the perfect streamlined masterclass for people looking to build and scale their Serviced Accommodation Business in 2022.

Even if you have NO experience whatsoever.
The Serviced Accommodation Blueprint Masterclass is packed with actionable steps, industry insights and high-level guidance… It’s the next best thing to having me coach you through the process!

Serviced Accommodation Business Builder

All What You Need To Know About The Property Business. How To Start Effectively Like An Expert

Business Coaches For Entrepreneurs

Introducing you to the “WEALTH BUILDER” program, calling all entrepreneurs who want to build wealth, and for everyone who wants to be entrepreneur, to enroll in this program.


Wealth Builder

Step-by-Step to build your Financial Wealth

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cash flow

Cash Flow Builder

How to build Cash Flow quickly and efficiently 

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Business Coach

In this program, I will coach and mentor you how to build a cash flow machine that will make earn passive income with my secrets.

I used to work 9-5 until I created this formula that I am willing to coach it for everyone.

Enroll now and start building your cash flow machine.

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