Ryan’s Mentorships

Ryan Luke is a property coach.  He helps those looking to achieve success within their businesses and achieve their desired goals in the shortest time possible. Ryan specialises in short term rentals and serviced accommodation mentoring, and he shares his knowledge and unique experience with others looking to follow in his footsteps. 

He believes in the three-phase approach to INSPIRE | EDUCATE | LEAD 

Ryan believes in changing the world one person at a time by offering a skillset to others and watching them grow their life and business.

A lifelong dream of Ryan Luke’s is to create 100 millionaires by passing along his skills sets.

Property Mentorships

Ryan Luke encompasses knowledge about the property business, high cash flow strategies and investments. It is a unique learning environment led by proven property industry leaders and mentors. The mentorship is timetabled over twelve months to provide mentees with all-year-round support to fast track their growth potential. 

The mentees meet once a week, with support provided by webinars and a dedicated and interactive private Facebook group. There are keynote speakers who motivate and shake up the thought process of an individual to enable their mind to be open to new concepts. There is a vast video training vault and a members area that allows access to proprietary documents.

Ryan Luke provides the teaching and will keep individuals on track to reach their goals by holding them to the highest level of accountability. The learning is rigorous, but they are in a safe and fun environment where guidance is provided every step of the way.

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Ryan’s Mentorships

Ryan built these programs that allows anyone to build a property business and scale it to 6 and 7 figures. He combined all of his experience and strategies that he used to build his 7-figure business, Luke Capital Group. 

Ryan is mentoring and coaching many people to be successful entrepreneurs in property business, and to build their cash flow assets and financial wealth.


Wealth Builder

Step-by-Step to build your Financial Wealth

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Cash Flow Builder

How to build Cash Flow quickly and efficiently 

Know more about the Property Management company, Luke Capital Group, that Ryan was able to built through his own strategies and experience.

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