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I’m a Life Coach and in Life, we should be living in a balance among all of our majorities. The point is, we cannot focus on one majority and make it a priority. Giving all of our time to one majority and not giving the focus needed to the other majorities is detrimental to ourselves.

The key is to give all of our majorities the same equal focus to thrive in Life.
How to do that?

The Trifecta Game will show you how to do that.


Health – The Game Changer

How does health change our game? And change our game is changing our life ultimately. When we maintain our health and take care of it, our life will positively change as time passes.

Focusing on our health is the first thing we should be working on. Essentially, health is the inner power that can charge us to be very productive, outstanding human beings.

Almost everyone knows that, yet not all of them work on it because they do not see how our health condition affects our lives. Every single thing matters to be successful in life.

Focusing on only health will not make you as successful as you focus on health and wealth together. You can have good health and wealth, but you may not be happy if you do not focus on happiness.

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The Greatest Wealth; is HEALTH

Good Health Influences Development

When you have good health, you will consistently develop yourself in all majorities that concern your life. To have life development, you should have the right mindset, motivation, techniques, and daily habits to make you develop in life. Good health alone is not the solution, and there should be some other behaviour with it.

This is the secret that most people do not get. The development comes from mixing multiple ways and methods into a particular behaviour over time until it becomes a daily habit. As a life coach, I shared a lot of experiences and secrets throughout my journey, it is time for yours.

Check my Health and Fitness pages to know more.

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Wealth Is The Product Of Man’s Capacity To Think

WEALTH – The Power of Mind

The word wealth can be tricky; it can have many definitions according to each perspective. If you ask yourself what wealth is, you may not have a complete answer.

Being wealthy is not being rich only. Having enough money to buy anything you desire is not wealth or the power to do anything as some people define it, not only that.

The combination of being healthy, with the right mindset, rich in money and knowledge, and happy among your family and friends; is true wealth.

Anything missed from the above mentioned factors; wealth will not be a whole.

That is the principle and the primary key in wealth.

Wealth Determined On Assets

Wealth can be measured in terms of how many assets you can have, and of course, the more the assets, the wealthier you are. The question is, what are assets exactly?

Assets are known as the valuable economic resources you own; they can be anything in between owning gold to owning mansions. People have assets by acquiring them over time, on different techniques and methods, depending on each one’s lifestyle and way of thinking.

But most importantly, is how do they acquire the assets, how do they get them and benefit from them, creating a cash flow that makes their life easier?

The answer is ONE; they build their own asset, their BRAIN. Want to build your only asset?
Allow me to show you, as a life coach, my
Money & Business courses to start building your assets.

Happiness – Above All

What is happiness exactly? Happiness can be described in millions of ways, any little feeling we feel happy about can be happiness. The joy experience we feel about anything is happiness.

Do we feel happy all the time? Of course not. Typically, we experience feelings besides happiness. There should sometimes be something in life that can be contrary to happiness.

The only thing we need to understand is that happiness can be permanent in our life. In contrast, any other feelings besides happiness should only be temporary. When we focus on making happiness permanent and different feelings just temporary, at that point, we can say we are on the success path.

With the aim of success, we should make ourselves happy and have an inner belief that we are truly happy with what we have and what we can control. Apart from that, we should consider it a side because it will just distract our success path.



“Happiness Is The Secret To Reality”

Happiness in Life & Family

Living a great life means that you are happy with your family, friends and other parts of life. We all understand that happiness is not always there for us; as discussed earlier, we sometimes face different feelings than happiness.

But what if we make happiness permanent in life? What if we are always happy? Wouldn’t it be great? Definitely it is.

How is that? By many ways, such as; making our family happy, committing to one nice thing to do once every day, prioritizing our health, listening and forgiving ourselves, accepting the fact of what we have and what we want to have, eliminating toxic people from our life, and more…

Tons of things you can do to be happy. I, being a Life Coach, I discovered them and I want to show you. Check out how to be happy in your life and between your family, and not happy only, but healthy and wealthy by my proven techniques in my courses.


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