6 Reasons Why You Should Be Healthy

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Why You Should Be Healthy 

Why you should be healthy? You often see and read almost everywhere on how to be healthy, and what are the tips and to-do’s so you can be a healthy person.

I know that reading or learning how to be healthy can be flooded with information and tips spread out all over the internet, with all the facts and ongoing case studies.

So that you know being healthy is easier than you might think. It just needs commitment.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs to have a weekly diet program, a sport or multiple sports to play, and a well-organised sleep program. That’s it!

Following all that, and being committed and consisted to it, will give you a healthy lifestyle and a good living that will protect you from chronic diseases and long-term illnesses.

In this post, I will illustrate to you, why you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and how you can literally affect your life positively.

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How To Be Healthy

Why should you be healthy? We all know that we should be healthy but why exactly, and how this can impact our daily life in the long-term run.
It has never been more important than being healthy as the need to maintain well-being health because it can affect our all life’s aspects in a positive way.

And this can be done in a variety of ways, such as eating healthy and having a balanced diet, by eating a mixture of healthy meats along with fruits and vegetables. In addition, spending some time of the day exercising can have good blood circulation and release body toxins.

Further speaking, you should also sleep at certain times of the day, as sleeping several hours, like 6 to 8 hours, cannot actually help if slept in the daytime.

Following all that, will make you become a healthy person and avoid you from the modern deficient obesity.

Main Reasons On Being Healthy

So the main reasons for being healthy that I will be discussing with you are:

  1. Living Longer
  2. Stress Control
  3. Higher Productivity
  4. Higher Self-esteem
  5. Addiction Control
  6. Feeling Better 
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1. Living Longer

This is one of the main reasons and obvious benefits of being healthy: living longer.

We all know life is short, yes true, but not if we embrace life and enjoy the little moments, along with focusing on making it longer as much as we can.

They say we’re all going to die, no objections, of course, but we will die once, but live every day. So it is better to focus on that.

For those who want to live longer, plenty of studies from all over the world proved and showed that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can increase your life by 14 years.

I would recommend reading books on living longer, that will make you more aware of this topic. One of the best books is “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life”.

2. Stress Control

When you have and maintain healthy well-being, you can control your stress more when subjected to a stressful situation. It is not about the power of control, but you will start managing your stress spontaneously.

How is that? Simply, having a healthy diet can reduce stress’s adverse effects on your body. Many research scientist proves this in many universities across the world.

A healthy diet will build an enduring foundation for your body resulting in reducing inflammation and oxidation, and will also help in reducing weight gain.

Moreover, exercising regularly will also positively affect your body to control stress. When you exercise on a regular basis, you will improve your mood, feel more energetic, and help you relax more.

As a result, you will sleep better, earlier, and when you wake up the following day, your body will be more active from the recovery process done during sleep.

All of these I mentioned above can help you control stress; by reducing it from the negative effects, when you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

stress controlling

Stress Management

“EXERCISE is one of the best ways for the human body to control stress and reduce anger”

3. Higher Productivity

You can be more productive by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As an effect of boosting your mood and reducing your stress, it will increase your productivity by at least 25%. And this will not only make you feel better, but it will put your work in a good mood, and even your business may be just better off.

Studies showed that when you have a better mood through your days, it will increase your productivity and boost your activities in all aspects, not only in your study or work. But also your productivity with following family events, friends meetings, pet sitting, and whatever you might be doing in your daily habits will all be better.

So when maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and sleeping effectively, they have been found to be less likely to suffer from stress and bad moods. Thereby, you will manage your stress and efficiently perform once you do these.

Your mental health will also be superior from the effect of your physical health. They are highly connected.

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4. Higher Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is giving admiration, appreciation, and respect to yourself. It is the degree to which the characteristics and qualities contained in one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive.

So in order to have high self-esteem, you should probably know its definition, which I defined it above.

In other words, and simply saying, self-esteem is how you feel about yourself, inside and out, encompassing about how you value yourself and relate to the others.

self esteem

How amazing it is when you have high-esteem, and you reward yourself for your healthy habits and high productivity. 

Having high-esteem come from being in a boosted mood, feeling better about yourself, and being completely convinced about what you do.

Furthermore, high self-esteem will also come from mental health, and mental health comes from physical health

Eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well will all give great physical health, thus resulting in higher self-esteem. Could you see the connection now?

When having high self-esteem, that means you are far from low self-esteem, which is considered as a risk factor for depression.

I recommend reading the book “Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem” to know even more about having higher self-esteem.

5. Addiction Control

The moment people hear the word ‘addiction’, they will think it is about drugs, smoke, alcohol, you name it. But actually, addiction can be anything you do that you cannot control.

For instance, sleeping late every day is an addiction. Playing video games without controlling it can be another addiction. Eating an appetising fast food meal can be another type of addiction, and so on.

The message I am trying to deliver here is, addiction can be physical, related to blood, or mental, pertaining to our psychology.

People can be addicted to anything, and reasonably saying some addictions might be good, but in a limited way, of course. For example, someone addicted to a particular sport or certain healthy eating habit can significantly affect their lives.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with healthy habits, keeping your body in a good, well-being state, will help you not to get addicted to any bad habit.

Here is how.

When you have an addiction, let it be smoking or drinking, it is the addictive chemical substance within the product you are consuming, that will flow in your bloodstream. Once this substance exists in your body for a certain period of time, your body will adapt to it, thus demanding it by putting your brain function in a low, uncomfortable mood.

Whereas if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, your blood is always in a well-improved circulation, and your body will always keep on demanding more blood as a result of exercising, thus no addictive chemical substances can be attached to your blood, or affect your brain function.


6. Feeling Better

Summing all of the points discussed above, definitely, you will feel better. 

You will feel better about everything, about yourself, your body, your productivity, and of course, have higher self-esteem.

Most importantly I will say, is the feeling of assisting yourself as you grow older. When you’re going to be old in the future, you need to thank yourself for the past. In this life, everything happens for a reason, so what you’re doing in your present, will be the reason for your future.

So once you do the healthy habits of nutrition and exercise along with sleeping, you will start feeling happy about yourself thus you will have more confidence.

Another thing is that exercising can release hormones to your brain that enhance your mood and provide you with a sense of euphoria.


As a summary, for all the points illustrated above, I would like to recommend everyone reading this blog to be healthy in their life, it really matters in our daily activities.

Let your body thank you for what you are doing to it, otherwise, you will regret your past when you’re in the future.

I had helped and assisted many people in my life, and you can be the next one.

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