Ways To Keep Fit And Healthy

The Secrets Of Health And Fitness 
Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition and SLEEP – these are key! They are not only needed for a sense of general well-being but also to enhance your daily routines and therefore improve your business performance. Being healthier provides you with a great platform and to make you more focused.

I have woken up before my 5 am alarm for the last five years. However, when I started my fitness journey, it was pointed out to me that I was not getting enough sleep. I sought the advice of a professional coach. I listened to their advice, and this led me to begin improving my routines.  I was realistic and knew that I would not see an improvement overnight. With everything from meal preparation to gym time, this alteration to be my schedule would undoubtedly be an adjustment. However, to improve my fitness, changes were needed. 

Fitness Is Journey 


My fitness journey was fully tracked. My weekly images and metric data were sent through to my coach to enable them to monitor my progress and make the necessary adjustments I needed to achieve more and to do better.  

Plan it, track it, and measure the data so that you can make adjustments and move forward.  

It is the same way that I do business. I enjoy tracking key performance indicators within my business. I then have the data I need to make any adjustments to enable the company to be more successful. I can plan for the future of the business, and I can predict better ways to react during times of crisis. In essence, I can prepare for what’s coming by making adjustments ahead of time. This is all thanks to the data I collect.   

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Health And Fitness Programs

Full Body Training Program

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Success with Health And Fitness

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Success is a journey and a commitment to showing up daily…

Something 99% of the population just can’t do. Everyone wants instant gratification and if they don’t get it they give up. However if you stick to the daily actions over time the results start to show.

My business journey reflects my recent fitness journey.

I thought I was in shape before I started on this journey, just like I thought I knew a lot about business, making money, leading people, running my financials etc before I educated myself further and realised I had a log way to go.

One thing I have discovered is that what I had to understand to get to a certain level isn’t what is going to get me to the next level.

Until you adopt a constant and never ending thirst for knowing more and more about your craft you will end up going backwards after you have gone forwards and I see this over and over again.

Especially in the property game.

Entrepreneurs educate themselves and get onboard a great train and then they think they don’t need that train anymore and they start going in reverse after they hop off. Momentum in life and business is so powerful. When you have it you should do everything in your power not to let it go.

My biggest learning in everything I have done over the last few years is this… Don’t focus on the result. Have a daily plan and commit to achieving it daily.



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