Why Family Happiness Is Important

family happiness

The Importance Of Family Happiness In Our Life

Family happiness is one of the most important building blocks of any society, as its role and importance reflect in the structure of the society. A study published in the book “Doing Better for Families” by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in 2011 described different ways in which governments support families. The book tries to answer different questions about family such as spending on family, helping adults to have the number of children they desire, child’s well-being, etc.

The study states that a typical traditional family has evolved significantly, and there isn’t a single concept of family that applies in all counties. Families have evolved without any changes in their importance.


  • Financial Stability

One of the reasons for the importance of a family is it provides financial stability in our early years of life. To set the basis for happiness in life in the early states we require a form of financial stability from our family members. It is not always about money but a study shows that the link between family and happiness extends beyond money.

“Money and happiness have a strong association up to a point where basic needs are met, but the impact of income on happiness starts to diminish beyond this point.”, according to research by Rebecca J. North.

With financial stability comes support which is a key factor for the importance of happiness in life. It also has emotional and psychological impacts such as knowing someone has your back helps deal with and counter stress and low esteem.

  • Provides Emotional Support

Family or family-like people around or you know, provide emotional support and help you deal with stress better. Many times, children provide parents emotional support which helps reduce blood pressure and feel good. Similarly, sibling relationships are also important for emotional well-being, as many people consider siblings their best friends.

family happiness

One of the reasons for this is, siblings carry half of the genes which cause us to respond positively and show motivation due to mutual devotion toward many things. The study also shows that sibling relationships have the longest-lasting family ties than any other relationship in the family structure. Siblings may have favouritism or received similar grooming from their parents but the personalities of brothers and sisters can be completely different from each other.

  • Family Happiness Provides Well-Being and Self Identity

The culture and structure of family vary in different societies, and the importance of family happiness can be higher than in other societies around the world.

A research study on the relationship between family and well-being in Mexico by Dr Fernando Pliego Carrasco says that family is considered the most trusted and crucial source of emotional and financial support in Mexico. About 95% of the participants in the research states that support is one of the reasons why family is important to seek happiness.

Similarly, in many countries, people or individuals make many important life decisions through discussion and consultation with their family members. Such families consider an individual happy and complete if he or she is a member of a family unit.

The lines between self and family are blurred in many societies, and the individual believes their family is crucial to their identity. In many countries, the parent-child relationship supports individual responsibility and promotes the development of good identities.

  • Refuge from Outside Problems

Families provide shelter and refuge from worldly problems when things go wrong and from many problems. It provides you with a chance to spend a good time with your family by forgetting about your problems, which result boosts your mood. It also helps you fight off stress and have good leisure time. This means having regular meals together and enjoying talking about their lives and experiences, and happiness in life. A family refuge also has far less criticism and emotional abuse than the outside world.

We also tend to develop the habit of helping others, even by risking ourselves, when we have the encouragement of parents. This helps promote goodness and a sense of helping others and lending some help to society. When parents encourage children and teenagers to help others, teenagers feel good about having encouragement and a feeling that someone they trust has approved and supported their actions.

This as result helps children and teenagers learn to help others and realize that family is like an institution of encouragement. A child with an unhappy family can be the reason for different psychological traumas, which can make a child’s life harder.

  • Best Learning Institution

A family plays a vital role in the building of a child’s social, psychological, and physical maturity. Parents demonstrate to their children how to behave correctly, as they are role models for them. These are some crucial skills that children learn from their parents, and they try to find a common language and traits in people around them. Children with good grooming will tend to spend time with other children with a similar upbringing.

Several studies talk about personality and temperament that people have which started to appear in their childhood, which is less likely to change later in their lives. Parents are the first persons who discover a child’s personality and have the chance to teach them good habits according to it. Parents adapt to the temperament of their children and encourage learning in ways that are best for them. It is a crucial factor in the successful formation of a child’s type of character, self-esteem, and happiness in life.

kid learning
  • Values and Traditions

Values and traditions vary with region, cultures, religion, and a few other aspects, and every family follows them. Some families follow them with more strictness than others and pass them on to the next generation. Correct relationships and values encourage mutual understanding and respect for each other. This helps in growing a family stronger and encourages healthy kids.

It is also observed that values and traditions create special emotional connections among the family members throughout their lives. It provides opportunities for family members who live far away to come together and spend time together and enjoy communication with them.

Family Happiness and Success

Family happiness requires constant work to build a mutual understanding and respect for each other, cultivating family traditions and values.

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