Ultimate Guide To Stand Out As A Host On Airbnb

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Being A Host On Airbnb

Being a host on Airbnb takes a tremendous amount of effort, time, and energy to host an Airbnb property. You need to respond to guest inquiries promptly and be available 24/7 at a moment’s notice when Airbnb guests are staying at your property. 

Airbnb is likely to be more intensive than other rental avenues since it’s your responsibility to maintain the property at all times. You should have marketing, customer relations, communication, and property management skills. 

When guests complain about your Airbnb listing, they will hold you responsible. You may be able to save yourself some work by hiring a cleaning service to handle housekeeping, but you will also need to pay a cleaning service’s fees.

If you want to impress guests and fill vacancies through your Airbnb listing, you should invest some money to ensure the property looks and feels welcoming. 

So How To Stand Out?

My solution will be relatively straightforward, especially if you are renting out multiple properties. If you have trouble meeting this requirement, though, update your rental listings’ listings with high-quality photos that showcase your properties to their best advantage.


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Promptly respond to guests

In order to be a successful Airbnb host, you need to respond to your guests in a timely manner. Your guests are your main source of income, so if you don’t treat them properly, you are likely to receive bad reviews. In turn, this can hinder your Airbnb profile from standing out and will lose its credibility.

So keep it your mind to respond to your guests right away.

Airbnb calculates how much time it takes you to respond to each new message once a year. To pass, you need a response rate of at least 90%. This might be the most difficult aspect of being an Airbnb host. However, there are always solutions.

I am the founder of Luke Capital Group. We are one of the best solutions for you to successfully host Airbnb guests. We offer premium services on managing Short Term Rentals as a whole. We utilize advanced technology systems for managing the properties and guests, and resolving issues immediately when they arise.

write  descriptions that sell

A guest that understands what they are signing up for is more understanding than one that has been deceived. Having a clear, accurate and detailed description aligns expectations and sets the benchmark for your place’s performance. Don’t promise anything that can’t be delivered.

It is advisable to describe every aspect of your property in detail. However, do not write too many details, and do not make everything brief. Try to maintain a balance between what you are describing about your property and what you are avoiding.

Additionally, if you have any rules about your property, you should mention them. For instance, if you cannot allow pets on your property, or you do not wish guests to smoke inside, mentioning that won’t repel your guests. In essence, the idea is to be crystal clear with your guests to avoid any misunderstandings. This will prevent any bad ratings and reviews on your profile. 

Maintain a 6-star service..Always!

By saying 6-star, I mean do more than what a 5-star require. This has many meanings and it depends on you personally and nothing else. What I mean is, try to be creative in your property, do things that many hosts don’t. This way you will be unique and you will be remembered, rated 5-star, and recommended.

Some bonus tips on doing that:

  • Ask the guest a few days before their arrival if they have any questions or special requests.
  • Follow up with guests during long stays and inquire whether they would like a cleaning service.
  • Consider asking your guests if they have any special occasions on the dates they are staying at your property, e.g., their birthday, anniversary, whatever it may be, and seeing if you can contribute to the occasion with something small you can do; it will look massive, no matter how small.
Don’t miss anything unfixed

Think of yourself as a guest and you booked a property to feel at peace. While you are staying there, you find something broken, or the light bulb did not work, or anything else that disrupts your stay. It is highly likely that you will complain, leave a negative review on the property, or you might even take a photograph and make a big deal out of it. 

This is the sort of thinking you should have when hosting a guest. You should be your own guest before you can host a stranger.

In order not to miss anything, create a checklist or a cheat sheet where you list down everything that could break or be damaged in your property. Check everything between guests and check it again before welcoming the next one.

You must solve problems as soon as possible, and never feel lazy about it. Always have a backup plan in place to deal with such situations.

Provide modern-unique amenities 

Always keep in mind when guests book a property rather than a hotel room, that means they want to feel home. As a host, make your property as a second home for them. 

Think on everything a home should be like, and provide it in your property. That can be costly, but it is worth the investment when you will get the best reviews and guests could recommend your property or book it again for themselves.

modern bedroom

It’s worth it to invest in options like Netflix on vacation. If you can get 1 or 2 good reviews with that $10 subscription, it was a good investment. Similarly, a good coffee machine or premium tea can make a big difference.

Have you ever had a rough night at the office and felt the need for a caffeine pick-me-up the next day? Your guests do too! Provide the amenities your guests will find high utility and value in.

As an example, a family of four may appreciate their favorite cereals on arrival, while a business traveler would acknowledge the value of a computer desk and printer.

Ideas like that can make you indeed stand out as a host on Airbnb.

Your Hosting Skills – Host On Airbnb

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