Life Coach 

Ryan Luke, founder and CEO of Luke Capital Group since 2018, Ryan has created and built Luke Capital so that it controls a property portfolio worth over £35 million.

The company manages more than 300 properties with a team of property specialists operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and Dubai.

Ryan specialises in short term rental and hosting guests, in preference to short term tenants on protected AST’s with this being the driving force and business ethos behind Luke Capital Group.

Ryans accomplishments continue to snowball thanks to his developments and JV partnerships. 

Ryan strongly believes that building a property empire is much easier to achieve than you may initially think. At the start of their journey, a person does not know the correct steps to reach their goal, resulting in a longer time frame for them to achieve their objective.

Ryan offers exclusive mentorship programmes where he helps and supports budding property entrepreneurs in kickstarting their business journey. Coaching is the perfect way to assist them by providing information, guidance, and support to improve their performance and do better.  

Ryan Luke, founder, entrepreneur, life coach and family man. His vision – to work less and earn more.

In 2018, Ryan founded Luke Capital Group. From this moment, he surrounded himself with the best support and knowledge and spent time learning how to grow a business in the property sector.

As a full-time father, husband, coach, motivational speaker and business owner, Ryan’s success stems from a strong work ethic and self-belief.

Ryan & Family

Thanks to his financial success, Ryan Luke has been able to give his family experiences that would have previously been a far fetched dream whilst also spending more quality time with his two sons. A work-life balance is essential, and Ryan’s property business has allowed him to focus on widening both his family and business connections. The increase in his finances has allowed him to spend on private schooling for his two boys, explore the world, and make memories with his whole family on holidays and experiences.

Within the first seven months of his property journey, Ryan had already acquired 21 properties, and his goal is to have 1000 by the time he hits 40. Every successful business person sets the bar high with their goals. However, given the current growth of his business, this is definitely achievable.

The 5-star service at Luke Capital Group is the driving force behind their success as a property company. The team comprises forty-five core staff members who run the company like clockwork.  They constantly find new and innovative ways for Luke Capital Group to expand. With a passion for property and an incredible work ethic, Luke manages to make his career dream a reality. 

‘Your results in life are a reflection of your choices’

This form of property selling has increased dramatically over the last 5-10 years.  Ryan took this opportunity to create his own property business empire that specialises in short term rentals and serviced accommodation.

There have been challenges along the way, and obviously, COVID-19 has slowed down travel which has had a knock-on effect on the business. However, the biggest travel boom in history is expected within the next five years.  This will undoubtedly grow Luke Capital Group’s international presence significantly. The company already have property specialists based across the globe in Dubai, The United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal, with expansion plans for Australia, Asia and the US by 2022.

Aside from Luke Capital Group, Ryan also offers property mentorships and helps those looking to succeed within their own property businesses. Specialising in short term rentals and serviced accommodation, Ryan shares his knowledge and educates those looking to follow a similar path to his own.

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